Saturday, August 10, 2013

Oh Oprah!

After learning of Oprah's allegation that a Swiss shop was racist when it refused to sell her a handbag, I decided to send her a note. (Please note that I do NOT agree with racism in any way!  Everyone deserves equal treatment.)

An open letter to Oprah Winfrey.

Dear Oprah,

I was shocked to hear of the treatment you received in Switzerland while shopping for a hand bag.  While I certainly don't know all the facts, because I wasn't present, I do understand that a sales lady refused to show you a $38,100 crocodile-skin handbag designed by Tom Ford. I was simply appalled at this story!  $38,000 for a purse?!  That is ludicrous!  I was at Kohl's just last week and saw a lovely handbag for $59.99. It was fancy and had lots of pockets and storage areas--it even came with a cell phone pouch. Now, I'm not a purse-carrying girl but if I was, I would wait until it went on clearance and save a bundle. We both know that the Tom Ford purse did NOT cost anywhere near $38,000 to make. Even if it came with an actual crocodile it wouldn't be that much. (Note, I do not advise that you purchase a live crocodile. They are not nearly as friendly as dogs.)

So, here's some advice:  Shop local, never pay for brand name, and for goodness sake DO NOT follow fashion trends!  That hand bag will be out of style by spring and will end up relegated to a coat hanger in your closet until your summer yard sale. 


P.S.  $38,000 could feed thousands of orphans, provide much needed vaccines to third world countries, and help give homes to the homeless. 

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