Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Think They're On To Me.

Day 2 of homeschooling two kindergarteners, two fourth graders, and one fifth grader:  I'm pretty sure they're on to me already. Sure, I look like I know what I'm doing; I've got the newly sharpened pencils, the professionally bound lesson planners, new text books for everyone--YOU get a textbook, YOU get a textbook, EVERYONE gets a textbook!--even additional supplies for all those awesome science experiments I intend to do. No, really, I've even written them into the lesson plans (in pencil, lets not go crazy here).  And yesterday I got up, had a delicious cup of coffee made by my awesome hubby, grabbed the planners and called the children in for roll call. After everyone was accounted for, we started off with devotions, which would have been so awesome and enlightening if I had not been interrupted eleven thousand times by kids asking if it was going to be hot enough to have a water balloon fight. Yet I was not deterred.  

After devotions everyone went to their desks and dug into their first subject. Meanwhile I sat with The Littles to begin their kindergarten year. "Today we are going to learn about the letter 'S'.  Yes, Josh, I know it looks like a snake, but it's a letter--no, not like 5, that's a number.  Do you know what sound an 'S' makes?  'Sssssssssss', yes I know that kind of sounds like a snake, but it's just a letter for reading and writing. *I now turn the flash card over to show them a picture of...you guessed it, a snake...*. Moving on...let's learn our numbers now. Can you kids count?  You can?  Show me."  After what sounded like a combination of letters and numbers I whipped out the shiny new flash card with a big bold '1' on it. Except it was in ARIEL, like this: l.  Suddenly I hear, "Hey Mom, that's an "L", like 'Lily'."  I quickly responded that is was the number one, not a letter. I had them hold up one finger--no, not that one, and even gave them one gummy bear to demonstrate. Then Josh noticed there was a picture on the back of the flash card showing one animal. You guessed it--a snake!

And so we hobbled through Day one. Today I awoke with an idea for a new approach and a new zest for the school year. Devotions were again interrupted millions of times by silly questions and behavior corrections--I'm pretty sure the kids think we are learning about the Disciple James: The One Who Couldn't Sit Still And Be A Good Listener. Off to individual subjects now and learning how to write. Ok, learning how to hold a pencil. After the 416th time of helping Josh to hold his pencil correctly, he refused to do any more work. Alas I had no choice but to let him walk away. This of course snowballed and suddenly everyone wanted to have the rest of the day off. Absolutely not!  We stumbled through US History, Science--"No Honey, we are not doing explosions this week. Maybe next week we can blow things up", Language, writing, S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G, and reading. And then there was math...Ugh!  I hate it more than they do, but we got through the day with only one major meltdown. When my husband came home I finally let myself out of timeout.  Maybe tomorrow will be better?

Adoption Update:

We have completed EVERYTHING and are now officially waiting for a referral. We have been told that we could be waiting anywhere from 3-6 months for a referral. With the uncertainty of this program it could be longer. The waiting is always the hardest. It could last a few days, or years depending on the country. We don't know who our child is yet, so waiting isn't torture. Once we get The CALL, things will rapidly deteriorate in the patience department. That's it for now. I'm pretty sure my kids will have duct taped me to a chair and proclaimed their freedom from oppression. If I don't update within a week or so, please check up on me. 

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