Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tax Deduction? You Know It!

Quick, look to the right!  Do you see it?  That little "Taxable Donation" link?  Go ahead and click on it.  You can now donate directly to our agency on our behalf and receive an end-of-year tax deduction for a charitible contribution. Awesome, right?  So?  What's stopping you?  Are you worried that you can't afford it?  Really, EVERY dollar helps!  Do you think that we already have too many kids?  Hmmm....that is tough.  I mean, after all we DO have four adopted children already. WHAT are we thinking?  Bringing another child home to our crazy house?  Maybe we should just leave them there so  someone more deserving, or more patient, or more loving, or wealthier can adopt. Let's be honest here. What difference does helping one child make?

Well, we certainly can't help them all--I mean our little family can't.  But together we can. If every person who professes to be a Christian adopted one child--or even sponsored a child--there would be no need to adopt.  That would be awesome!  Until then, however, the statistics are staggering!  Over 160 MILLION orphans in this world. Many of these children starve to death, or are sold into slavery, including sex slavery.  We can't help them all, but we can make a difference to one child.

Want to know some famous adopted people?

Steve Jobs
Nelson Mandela
Tim McGraw
Dave Thomas
George Washington Carver
Babe Ruth
Bo Diddly
Marilyn Monroe
Melissa Gilbert
Malcolm X.
Jamie Foxx
Alexander the Great
Mark Twain
John Lennon
Leo Tolstoy
Nat King Cole
Richard Burton
Louisa May Alcott

I could go on and on, but the point is that someone stepped up and made a difference in a child's life. A normal person--not a saint or a martyr, not someone hoping to be recognized for their sacrifice. Just someone who wanted a child, or saw a child who needed to be loved.

Mike and I are not special. We know we are blessed so much and we want to help one more child. So will you please come along side and help?  Pray for us, donate, share fundraising ideas, or ADOPT a child!  I know someone who could help you. ;-)

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