Sunday, June 23, 2013

One week

There's only a week left in our first fundraiser!  It has gone by so fast. But don't worry, you still have time to purchase your tickets. Just click the Donate button and make a $10 contribution. It's that easy. Next Sunday at 5pm EST we will draw a winner.

Adoption status update:

I head for my physical on Tuesday and then we await the homestudy approval. Unfortunately, our SW is going on vacation for 3 weeks and can't sign off on it until July 19th. : (  I was pretty bummed since that's all we are waiting on to apply for CIS Approval. Then a few weeks later our dossier is off to Congo. I'm predicting that we won't have a referral until around Christmas.

The big kids are headed to camp tomorrow for four days!  We are all excited about that. Mike and I will have a little time with just the two littles. It will feel very empty until Thursday, and it will certainly be quiet.   Just gotta keep busy to pass the time.

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